About Matthew House

Opened in 2002, Matthew House is a two-bed comfort-care home for terminally ill individuals in their final days of life. Professional staff and trained volunteers offer loving care to our residents, as well as support and comfort to their loved ones. 

A separate local hospice agency provides professional medical management for residents, just as if they were in their own homes. We are non-denominational, not-for-profit, and guided by a community-based board of directors. Residents of Matthew House are not charged for their care. 

Our house, your home.

Residents of Cayuga County and surrounding areas may be admitted to Matthew House. They may be referred by a hospice agency, hospital discharge planner, nursing home or private physician. Referrals may also come from family members or friends.

Criteria for admission include a physician's diagnosis of terminal illness, along with prognosis and current status. The Director or Care Coordinator meets with the prospective resident and family to provide information and determine eligibility. 

Matthew House services are provided free of charge, with no public funding or insurance reimbursement. Our availability depends entirely on contributions by donors and volunteers. We are grateful for the heartfelt generosity that has sustained us for well over a decade.


The Matthew House mission is to provide a home for people with terminal illness to die in peace and comfort, among loved ones.

We open our home and our hearts to provide a loving space for residents and families as they journey toward a dignified death. All care is given with compassion, respect, and sensitivity for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the person.

 Penny's Bluebird, just outside the living room window.

Penny's Bluebird, just outside the living room window.