Our House, Your Home

What is Matthew House?

Matthew House is a two bed, not-for-profit non-denominational home for people who are terminally ill and who, for a variety of reasons, can no longer remain in their own homes. Under the guidance of a community based board of directors, Matthew House provides a caring, homelike setting for those in their final days of life, while offering support and comfort to their loved ones. Hospice provides comfort care for residents as if they were in their own home. Matthew House and Hospice are separate entities with a working affiliation.

Who can stay at Matthew House?

Residents of Cayuga County and surrounding areas may come to Matthew House. Residents may be referred by agencies such as Hospice, Cayuga and Onondaga County health departments, area hospitals or private physicians. Family members are also welcome to call. Residents of Matthew House will not be charged for their care. The Residence Director manages the day-to-day operations of Matthew House, including the volunteer and support staff.


Our mission is to provide a home for people with terminal illness to die with dignity and in comfort.

We open our home and our hearts to provide a loving space where we support the residents and their loved ones as they journey toward a dignified death. All care is given with compassion, respect, and with an awareness and sensitivity for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the person.

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